Ones to watch Two Another are cementing their status as some of the best creators of post-midnight electro R&B with their latest release 'Stronger'. We get the duo to curate a 10Trax of what they're spinning right now.

If you haven’t heard of Two Another just yet, then you will have for sure heard their unique brand of emotive and woozy R&B that pulsates through electric production and honest lyricism. Their latest release, ‘Stronger’, is an evolution into the next chapter of Two Another’s winding journey.


Already racking up over a million streams, Two Another have remained somewhat under the radar, leaving the music to do the talking. Now, their honesty and vulnerable new work is transcending through the airwaves and cementing these tastemakers as more than ones to watch. With the objective of making you move, Two Another’s latest track undoubtedly makes you feel. Combining both rhythm and emotion is their equation that leaves you hooked from the first listen.


Speaking on the new track, the boys revealed, “Stronger, like many of our tracks, was born out of collaboration. We had been working on an idea very different from the final record before Luke Wynter played a bass part – we then rearranged the instrumental around his bass groove, adding a more sparse programmed drum machine beat. Lyrically the song addresses our romanticised expectations of adulthood and that moment you realise no one is there to hold your hand and you need to carve out your own path. No one has all the answers to the questions being asked, it is ok to be vulnerable and to ask for help.”


Two Another’s vast and ever-expanding soundscape is a result of all the musical references they have loved over the years from childhood to adulthood, resulting in a sound that weaves and flows in the grey areas of genres. With the promise of more work hiding around the corner, we are happy the boys are stepping into their own spotlight for 2020 despite the circumstances as we all need good music to escape to for a few minutes.


Dive into their curated playlist below before diving into their latest single here.

"Feel Good Inc" by Gorillaz

"The Gorillaz debut album was one of the first album's we both ever owned and it’s what really started our love for music. The second one was even better when Dangermouse came on board to co-produce."

"Something About Us" by Daft Punk

"We cannot count how many times we’ve listened to ‘Discovery’ - it was a big influence on us sonically in the early days of making music together."

"Saturdays" by Cut Copy

"When we were in high school nothing was bigger than Modular Records and Ed Banger. Cut Copy was the perfect mix of indie and electronic music and was one of the first live shows we went to."

"Glorybox" by Portishead

"Triphop/electronica was another big influence for us musically. Between Zero 7, Massive Attack, Moby, it's hard to choose one but what could be better than the combination of an Isaac Haye's sample and Beth Gibbons voice."

"Number 1 (feat Kanye West)" by Pharrell

"harrel has been a massive influence on us musically and I think people are only now releasing the importance of In My Mind for our generation. Kanye featuring on this is an added bonus and another big influence for us."

"Feel Like Making Love" by D'Angelo

"Friends of ours (The Goods) showed us D’Angelo and that’s what really started our love for new soul music. No one is better than Pino on bass and we’ve tried to rip that groove in our music many times!"

"Jealous Guy" by Donny Hathaway

"I heard this on a road trip with my parents when I was younger and immediately fell in love with Donny's voice. I found out years later that this is actually a cover of a John Lennon song."

"He Can Only Hold Her" by Amy Winehouse

"We were pretty late getting into this album but we had to include at least one Mark Ronson production on our list, especially when Amy’s vocal is on top."

"Feels Like We’re Only Going Backwards" by Tame Impala

"This song epitomises our brief time as dropkick uni students in Australia. Also Kevin Parker is a national treasure so we feel obliged to include him."

"Dang (feat Anderson Paak)" my Mac Miller

"We still can’t believe Mac is gone, we were listening to a lot of his music at the time he passed away. It’s hard to choose only one track by him but when you add Paak on top of Mac, what could be better?!"