Singer-songwriter WEIRDO shares his latest single “TRANSCENDENCE” and exclusively picks 10Trax that create an enticing story.

WEIRDO, otherwise known as Josh Christopher, has had a career full of reflective pauses to develop his sound. The multi-talented artist made his first appearance with his “Disco” demo released through Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel, not long after gaining 1 million views – but he then vanished.


He made a comeback “BUTTER” and “ARMANIO” in 2019, zingy electro-pop singles which both landed number 1 on Hype Machine and Human Human. “ATTITUDE”, of the same EP, grabbed him a spot on coveted Spotify playlists.


WEIRDO then took a break to contribute some sounds to his indie-pop two-piece band IYES, returning in 2020 with “EUROTRASH” and “FAKIN’” and ramping up the press acclaim, championed by BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 6, Wonderland and many more.


“TRANSCENDENCE” is his second track following “CAN’T WITHOUT YOU” to tease his upcoming debut mixtape-LP ‘A MIXTAPE FOR HEARTBREAK’. The 10 track release is due to arrive in autumn. Written, produced and mixed in Berlin studio, his latest single is a trippy take on heartbreak and loss.


To celebrate, WEIRDO has exclusively picked 10Trax for Notion which make a monologue. Dive in!


It’s transcendent love; I’m sure of it, baba.

"Ain't No Remedy" by Love Supreme

Let’s kick things off. Sit back baby, and pour a large carafe of 2000 Petrus. Light the candles, turn off Netflix and take that line of Ketamine. Feels better, right?

"Over You" by Aaron Frazer

Let’s pick things up a little. Take your socks off, stand up tall and let’s do our own version of Pulp Fiction’s dance-off.

"Maraka" by Ayotemi, ft. Jah True

My feet are tired too, honey pie. Blisters, even. Let’s take a seat again. I’m hungry. Homemade edible? OK. I’m in too.

"If I Fell" by The Beatles

I’m pretty baked. Your eyes are redder than fresh roses. I think I’m falling for you.

"Pain" by Boy Harsher

Energy is coming back, as is our Libido. Shall we blow those candles out and turn on the pink neon light I have in the corner? I think so too.

"Oba, la vem ela" by Jorge Ben Jor

It’s late and the city is glowing, darling. Let’s neck a Berocca, a cheeky bottle of water and take a walk… I want Picanha… you know it? I know this little Brazilian place, hold my hand and follow me.

"sex is good (but have you tried" by Donna Missal

We’re home. I’m tired too… I don’t think we should, to be honest. I’m a little insecure anyway, it’s been a while… we can cuddle and kiss perhaps and send memes to one another. Cool?

"Es zieht mich" by Scwefelgelb

Yo, get up, I just remembered Mensch Meier is hot tonight. Yes, you can borrow my sunglasses; nah they’re Saint Laurent actually. 4 am feels so fresh.

"What The World Needs Now" by Dionne Warwick

Sleep time. Sun’s up. Just put that vinyl on, would you? Let’s finish the vino; it’ll knock us out.


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