Peek behind the curtain with San Scout's infectious and entirely unorthodox new track "Sideways".

Making a name for themselves, London-based San Scout are continuing their streak of crafting ominous and inventive alt-pop anthems. We’re glad to say that nothing has changed with their latest concoction, “Sideways”, off of their new project “The Pharmacy”.


Giving us the inside info, San Scout revealed “Sideways started out as an account of a night that turned bad. Some sort of dark pop with an ode to the futility of modern relationships – driven by warm synths & ripping guitars”. Never one to do things in half measures – last year  San Scout, Freddie Clough and Jonny Woodley launched their virtual reality website “The Pharmacy”. A fully interactive virtual world that will be their new home for all of their upcoming releases.


Inspired by the concept of music as a prescription drug and created by designer Yuma Burgess, the user lands in a dystopian world looking onto an abandoned pharmacy and is invited to explore. Discovering links to the bands artwork, games and social pages. It’s clear that San Scout are creating their entire universe based upon their highly creative and idiosyncratic ideas.


It’s refreshing to not know what San Scout are going to do next – but it’s clear whatever it is will be a fully realised creative concept that spans beyond what we listen to. Until then, start your Friday off right with San Scout’s addictive “Sideways” below!