Dive into the haunting world of Rebecca Phillips with the release of her new visual for 'Silicone Skin'.

Rebecca Phillips is a bold and innovative artist, to say the least, and her latest track ‘Silicone Skin’ is certainly no different with her adventurous and obscure creative universe.


The London-based artist compels the listener through what can be considered an uncomfortable journey within ‘Silicone Skin’, but that’s precisely the point.


‘Silicone Skin’ is a self-directed video that kicks off the first of many releases for Rebecca Phillips this year. The narrative follows a character’s journey to construct a clone of her ex that leaves the viewer uneasy at the idea of never being able to let go. Co-produced with Christian Mac, the track lies at the intersection of electronica and R&B. Sonically, the ambitious new single boasts Rebecca’s unique vocals and emotive soundscape.


Speaking on ‘Silicone Skin’, Rebecca revealed, “I’ve been looking at ideas surrounding the hybrid; the world we live in makes us feel like anything is possible but with that comes a nihilism that I’ve been compelled to investigate in Silicone Skin. Ultimately I feel like whatever happens with technological innovations we will always be confronted by our own mortality and maybe, more importantly, our own fragile psychological makeup.” 


Dive in below!