Dive into Megan Lyon's electro-pop world of vast and meditative soundscapes in her latest EP 'Solstice'.

Megan Lyon’s unique brand of electro-pop is equal parts euphoric as it is transcendent.


There is certainly no exception when it comes to her stunning and uplifting new EP ‘Solstice’. Inspired by the pop greats who have come before her, Megan spent her childhood years adoring the sounds of Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Paramore. Following in their footsteps, the young creative has been perfecting her craft for some time now and her effortless blend of melodies and production can be heard in the new EP.


The six-track E.P consists of chilled out summer beats in the track ‘Down 4 U’ to electronic-driven tracks such as ‘Loving You’. The six tracks open up the elements Megan has taken from her inspirations of recent singers, from the rhythms of SZA to simple, but creative songwriting of JP Cooper.


Speaking on the latest EP, Megan revealed, “Solstice, for me, was a very liberating body of work to create. It explores themes of self-understanding through relationships – and helped me find a sense of direction through broad perspective, both on a personal & creative level.”


Dive into the EP below!