Christian Cohle has dropped an elegiac, introspective new track, "Spinning Heart".

For Christian Cohle, the key is immersion. The Irish rising star creates deep and compelling worlds within his music and invites his listeners to luxuriate in them. There’s space for surprising bursts of vulnerability, like his sudden vocal shifts in his hit track “Drown Me Slow”, but also just for surfing the vibes of reflective synth.


Music outlets have named him one of the hottest talents to look out for in the current crop of Irish musicians, and after last year’s successful album release, ‘Holy Trouble’, Cohle is dead-set on proving that he’s worth all the hype and more.


His new track, “Spinning Heart”, is a perfect example of that intent. Beginning with the poignant inclusion of real voicemails that Cohle had recorded, the tune creates a lonely world of wondering and loss, Cohle’s vocals summarising the effort and intensity of a search for meaning and direction in life. There’s an almost sci-fi edge to the synths that roll along the end of the track. It’s accompanied by a minimalistic yet confidently cinematic music video, directed by Tristan Heanue.


On the track, Cohle says, “Spinning Heart’s title was inspired directly by one of my favorite Irish author’s books, by Donal Ryan, titled ‘The Spinning Heart’. I borrowed the title and made it reflect my own predicament at the time during a really difficult breakup I went through, when Covid first hit. I felt like my life was just spinning along, moving forwards but directionless. I was being spun around by the pain, the loss, the confusion, the doubt caused by having to end what was a really beautiful relationship.”

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