We get the lowdown on the lockdown with Swedish artist, Mei River, who gives thoughtful and meditative tips for how to stay creative and reflective during isolation.

Rising newcomer Mei River, his real moniker Frederik Eriksson, is one of the most exciting new producers, singer/songwriter’s bursting through the Nordic creative scene. River’s unique meditative soundscape reflects on the themes of vulnerability, loneliness and curiosity whilst his idiosyncratic and euphoric production has a ray of hope throughout.


Already a master of storytelling, Mei River is a powerful lyricist – his latest track ‘Peter Parker’ is a perfect synopsis of his prolific lyricism as he bravely opens up about alcohol and substance abuse within the track. ‘Peter Parker’ is Mei River’s second release to date and follows his debut single ‘Her’, which he released last month, and both singles are off his forthcoming debut EP ‘Tall Trees That Never Fell’.


Speaking on ‘Peter Parker’, the director of the visual revealed, “To anyone watching I would say there’s nothing here. No more than there is out there. And nothing more to say than has already been said. It’s just a needle in a stack of band-aids, a light that never goes on, a lie you said just for fun. Inside out.”


We caught up with the Swedish boy wonder during isolation to find out how he has been keeping throughout all of this. What’s better, he has provided some tips on how to stay creative in your abode whilst remaining kind and gentle with yourself. Accompanied by a visual diary, let Mei River bring some light into your days and stay safe out there.

Tip number 1:


“I’ve realized that I write way better songs during the time I read an inspiring book. It is always good to do a bit of world-building while producing and writing, place the song in space. While I made my forthcoming EP ”Tall Trees That Never Fell” I read a couple of great ones. Here are my top 5 during that time.

  1. Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami
  2. Madonna in a Fur Coat – Sabahattin Ali
  3. Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami
  4. Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer
  5. A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin
I got two Murakami books on there, I know he is kind of the go-to writer for surrealism books for young people. But I love reading his books, all of them are amazing. I pushed through 1Q84, a trilogy by Murakami, around 500 pages per book I struggled. And even though I struggled, I couldn’t stop reading. His books are a great inspiration when making songs, surreal and wonderful. 
Right now I’m reading Dune by Frank Herbert. Its a great Science fiction novel, kind of paved the way for sci-fi. Saw that first look of Timothée Chalamet playing the main character in the movie coming out this year, yoooo I’m excited.”

Tip number 2:


“I’ve been so invested in taking care of my plants recently, I planted a couple of cucumbers, tomatoes, chillis, etc. some days ago. You can see the cucumbers already coming up. Its kind of weird, I have never cared for plants, but now while I’m working from home a lot its been kind of fun. It’s nice to help something grow while the world is crumbling. That poetic enough for you?:P”


Tip number 3:


“I have set a goal, to hit 5k under 25min. Last year I was able to do it, and then Christmas came and the laziness hit me. I haven’t run since then, so it is difficult to get out there. But I strongly believe that working out helps me with staying creative and focusing better.

I think it is a perfect time to start running now if you are stuck at home. Create a schedule with three to four runs a week. Mix the runs with one long, one fast and one easy run. And make it fun, it is not supposed to only be a pain.”

Tip number 4:


“I’ve been trying to watch some good movies for inspiration. Been watching Parasite, Blade Runner, and rewatching Westworld these last couple of days. I think Blade Runner is one of the best movies in a long time, the music is fantastic, it fits perfectly.


Somehow I’ve been watching a bunch of Nicholas cage movies. I saw both National Treasure movies yesterday. They are so good and bad at the same time, truly amazing. Wickerman is also a great bad Nicholas cage movie you have to see! 


What I like to do is to have a movie in the background while I produce and write. I love visualizing what I’m creating, that’s easier when you have something playing in the back. You can make the sound fit the visuals.”

Tune into Mei River's latest tune 'Peter Parker' below!

Tip number 5:


“It is great during this time to try and motivate yourself, set up your goals. Write them down and think about what you want to accomplish.


I like to make two lists. One that is something you want to reach shortly, something obtainable. Something you know you will be able to do if you just put your power to it. 


The second one is a bit more abstract. It should be something you want to do, but don’t think you can do it. Something far out of reach. It’s good to tell your mind that nothing is impossible, that no goals are stupid and unattainable.


Even though it’s rough right now and for some people, it’s really difficult to even know how to keep going. Focus on your and people around your’s well being, let’s not forget the important stuff. But also, let’s move forward and try to do the best of the situation.”