22-year-old music sensation Alana Maria drops new R&B track, “Sticks n Stones”.

Alana Maria’s latest release, “Sticks n Stones” is an ode to the importance of self-worth. She unpicks the sentiment that words are harmless, instead likening their effect to a fracture. The track in itself is effectively a guide to healing, and being “your optimal self”,  as the artist herself explains it, “The song is relatable and can resonate with any part of your current life. Whether it’s past trauma or to maintain happiness and what’s best for you.”


The west London-hailing artist’s honeyed vocals are reminiscent of some of the finest old-school R&B hits, the genre having been one of her earliest influences. With a discography that ranges from heartbreak tunes to feel-good dance tracks, something that’s constant in her music is her well-honed skill of crossing over R&B with African Caribbean concepts. 


Speaking on how she wants the tune to resonate with listeners, Alana says, I want the song to help people heal and understand their emotions. It’s hard to figure out the words for yourself but it’s easier to give it to someone else, so I hope this song brings clarity to the people that feel clouded and confused.. or just need reassurance!”.

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