Rebecca Garton, Ling Hussle, Alana Maria and Tia Carys have teamed up to bring us "All Me Pt. 2". We asked the group about their musical firsts.

What do you get when you put four of the UK’s most promising R&B newcomers on a record? The absolute jam “All Me Pt. 2”.
Following on from Rebecca Garton’s “All Me” collab with WSTRN’s Louis Rei, the London singer called upon three of her fellow up-and-coming musicians to give the song a fresh twist.
Now featuring Tia Carys, Alana Maria and Ling Hussle, the talent on the track is evident as each artist flexes on their verses.
Reminiscent of old school R&B, “All Me Pt. 2” is encased in a sugary-sweet nostalgic feel. It brings you back to the good old days of messaging your crush on MSN or texting your mates on your flip phone.
Produced by Mike Brainchild, Rebecca, Tia, Alana and Ling sing and rap about bringing the excitement into their relationships. Explaining the song, Ling Hussle said that it “means owning your power as a woman and being confident in yourself regardless of outside forces and influences.”
The powerful all-female collaboration on “All Me Pt. 2” showcases just how amazing the emerging R&B talent is here in the UK. Teaming up with other women on the track was important to Rebecca, as she said: “I wanted to make sure we all jumped on something [that] we loved, and could all stand out on.” She went on to say “a song that the ladies could sing loud and proud.”


We asked the foursome to tell us their musical firsts. From the first time they realised they wanted to be a musician to their first gig, the ladies spill the tea.

First song you ever made?

Rebecca Garton: It was a song called “Damaged Goods.”


Tia Carys: It was a “From Time” Drake & Jhené Aiko remix.


Ling Hussle: Did a cover to Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapples.”


Alana Maria: “Cliché.”

And the first song you released officially?

Rebecca: “‘Voices.’ Still on YouTube lol!”


Tia: The “From Time” cover. I recorded it at a youth club with a guy called Starqz and I used to go by “Light33”. LMAO. It went on Soundcloud. The guy made me sit on the handlebars of his bike whilst we rode through busy main roads to get to the studio. My life flashed before my eyes. The fact that I made it there alive was probably God telling me this music thing might be for me.”


Ling: A song I made years ago on Soundcloud.


Alana: “Cliché.”

First CD or record you owned?

Rebecca: Love Deluxe – Sade.


Tia: Justin Bieber – ‘My World’. His first-ever album. I was a HARD Belieber. My fave song was “One Time.” It was the first song of his I’d heard when it came on those TV music channels where you can text in and request a song.


Ling: Bow-Wow and Omarion – ‘Jump Off.’


Alana: Probably something R&B.

First time you realised you wanted to be a musician?

Rebecca: When I first heard ready or not by The Fugees, singing along in the living room with my dad. I just knew it was what I wanted to do.


Tia: High school year 8 when people started saying I looked like Paigey Cakey. I’d always listen to her, Leshurr & Roxxane and spit their verses. Then I went on to write my own. And so my dreams began to transition from being a dancer to being a musician.


Ling: Throughout Secondary school.


Alana: 6 years old.


First gig you went to?

Rebecca: Sean Paul in Lagos!


Tia: Paigey Cakey, Lady Leshurr, E.V.E at Musicalize but I got there late and missed Paige and Leshurr – the only two I came for. I wasn’t clued up too much on Eve at the time so I didn’t realise what a privilege it was to be able to see her live.


Ling: Drake’s ‘Take Care’ tour at [the London] O2.


Alana: Bryson Tiller.

First festival you went to and the first one you performed at?

Rebecca: First festival I went to was Great Escape! I’ve not performed at a festival just yet! 2021, I believe it!


Tia: I’ve never been to a festival!


Ling: Wireless.


Alana: Wireless and a music gig in a basement.



First instrument you owned?

Rebecca: A flute!


Tia: First a keyboard which I loved. Second a pink guitar that I gave up on when my dad couldn’t tune it for me.


Ling: Guitar.


Alana: Piano.

First time you wanted to give up?

Rebecca: Being a creative I feel like this on a weekly basis but I fight through this feeling!


Tia: I wanted to give up last year when I started to realise what the industry and game was really like.


Ling: Probably at some point before I dropped my first EP.


Alana: 17.

First time you were recognised?

Rebecca: When I got recognised walking through Oxford Street!!!


Tia: Krept and Konan’s headline at the O2 last year. I was queuing to get me and my manager some food and juice and there were a group of teenagers next to me. One of the girls pulled up my Insta on her phone and asked if it was me. I laughed and said it depends who’s asking. Then she told me how her sister loves me and asked if they could have a picture with me and they all surrounded me asking if they can hold my bags, coat, food, drink, phone etc for me. They were sweet asf.


Ling: Can’t remember lol.


Alana: 17/18.

First time you heard your song playing somewhere?

Rebecca: First time I heard my song playing on BBC 1Xtra, I literally started crying my eyes out in the car.


Tia: The first radio play I heard was English X Ghana on DJ Target’s Premiere Target Embargo on 1XTRA. I knew it was coming and I was going out that evening so I put the radio on tv whilst I did my makeup and it came on so I live-streamed looking cyooot on Insta whilst my mum filmed me. I was lucky to have not only captured that moment but share it live with my peoples too.


Ling: Last year at Nike Town.


Alana: 2020!

Watch the music video for "All Me Pt. 2" below:

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