Style: Palladium Introduce EARTH Collection

Since introducing sustainability back in the 1990s, pioneering footwear brand Palladium is continuing to make strides with their ethos in their new eco-conscious EARTH collection.

Sustainability continues to drive Palladium’s innovation within creative exploration which is highlighted in their new EARTH collection. Composed of two stories, ORGANIC and RECYCLED, Palladium continues to push the boundaries of what footwear can do.


The ORGANIC story centres around organic materials aligned with GRS (Global Recycled Standards), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 guidelines. With 100% organic cotton canvas uppers, recycled rubber logo patches and biodegradable lace-tips, Palladium can walk the walk.


The RECYCLED story is the most ambitious and environmentally-friendly collection to date with the Palladium team delivering responsible sourcing and production techniques resulting in a varied collection of styles highlighting the importance of sustainability.


“As a responsible brand, we had to demonstrate our engagement regarding the whole climate changes and the way the resources of our planet are getting consumed quicker than they can regenerate,” said Palladium Design Director, Adrien Touati. “As a response, we decided to re-think the way we were making our products to reduce our impact on the environment.”


Check out the innovative and bold EARTH collection from Palladium below and find out more here.


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