Dive into the otherworldly collaboration between Palladium and Bungie's Destiny video game franchise which has resulted in the birth of these unique and futuristic boots.

Following the massive success of the first collaboration between Palladium and Bungie in 2019, the duo are back with yet another badass collab.


The ‘Pampa Baggy’ boots are entirely out of this world and perfectly represent both Palladium and Bungie’s Destiny. The boots are equal parts fun and from another universe, resulting in an entirely unique pair of shoes that not a lot of people will have.


With adventure at the heart of the boot, Palladium has gone full Galaxy in the latest release which will undoubtedly make Destiny’s diehard fans over the moon as they can wear apart of the game in real life.


The two ‘Pampa Baggy’ styles, the ‘Pampa Baggy Lunar Crew’ and the ‘Pampa Baggy Taikonaut’, represent the game and come emblazoned with Destiny’s distinctive Tricorn symbol alongside lunar crew decals lifted from in-game abandoned research labs and colony ships featured in Destiny’s Golden Age.


Retailing at £105, the shoes are too out of this world to describe, but luckily you can see them below and grab yourself a pair at Palladium here.

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