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Step into autumnal hues with the latest collaboration from streetwear giants, Stüssy, and British tastemakers, Clarks Originals.

This Autumn 2019 collaboration isn’t the first time the two trailblazers have worked together, however, this is one of the best to be born from the two worlds – Stüssy and Clarks Originals – colliding together.


Taking on the more than iconic Wallabee shoe for a reimagined designed has resulted in two new colourways and Stüssy’s eclectic paisley print design. Paying homage to the 70s with the Wallabee’s suede fabric and this bohemian print has got admirers eager to get their hands on their very own limited edition shoe for their collection.


The two new colourways – sage and rust – perfectly encompass the crisp and warmth that Autumn brings, representing crisp mornings and the glimmering shades throughout the palette of the world.

From the original Clarks Desert Boot, first designed by Nathan Clark and launched in 1950 to the iconic Wallabee, each design has an instantly recognisable handwriting – a unique combination of craftsmanship and innovation that make it unmistakably Clarks. Throughout the years, Clarks Originals have grown into becoming a staple of a contemporary wardrobe and continues to shine with their thoughtful collaborations.


Stüssy, born from Shawn Stüssy’s mind in the late 80s, took form from the skater and surfer culture that was unstoppable in the states. Within years, Stüssy became one of the world’s leading tastemakers for those with a thirst to become apart of a tribe of musicians, artists, skaters and likeminded individuals.


The Stüssy x Clarks Originals collaboration is sold through Stussy’s e-comm, their shops and a selection of wholesale accounts including Goodhood and Tres Bien.

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