Weekday reimagine what denim can do with its SS20 Capsule Collection: DENIM LIKE IT'S 1999.

The Limited Edition SS20 Collection brings back memories of the zeros, a time remembered for MTV, Paris Hilton, flip phones and the birth of reality television. Within the collection, there are peek-a-boo details, in the women’s designs you can see G-string details appearing on the yoke of the jeans, and in the men’s transparent tops and relaxed looks.
However, the generation that grew up with 00’s culture are increasingly conscious in their shopping choices, so will be happy to know that this collection marks Weekday achieving their target to produce all their denim from organic cotton by 2020. Alice Shulman, Head of Womenswear at Weekday, said that the collection is “looking back on the iconic looks of Britney & Justin dressed in denim from top to toe, aiming to transport that energy into something that can be relevant today.”
The collection will be available in select stores and online, starting January 23rd.
Browse the new collection below.