Philadelphia-based artist Kevin Ross shares cathartic music video for new single “Sweet Release”.

Kevin Ross is a songwriter, producer and performer from Philadelphia who’s quickly rising to the forefront of R&B music. He began his career in 2016, but has now amassed over 100 million streams and continues to collaborate with some of the world’s most established names. “Sweet Release” is a transformative song that urges everyone to look within to find their own meaningful escape, whatever that may be. 


Writing for the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Ty Dolla Sign, Kevin Ross made waves behind the scenes by producing high-profile, chart topping releases for other artists. Since stepping into the limelight, he’s toppled the R&B billboards with a slew of singles and albums. Touring with legends like BabyFace has further propelled him into stardom and he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 


Currently in the top 10 position on the Billboard Adult R&B Chart, “Sweet Release” is a musical breath of fresh air with sensual and cathartic tones. Through intimate vignettes and emblems of identity, the video captures the inimitable essence of women whilst Kevin Ross plays the role of narrator. Captivating the audience with his richly decadent vocals and smooth presence, the artist once again shows off his eloquent song crafting and commercial appeal on “Sweet Release”. 

Stream the track below:


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