Lontalius dives deep into the anxieties that are tied to youth with his melodic new single "Swim".

Eddie Johnston, better known as the intriguing Lontalius, captures all of the inner-workings of emerging into adulthood in the modern age through his poetic and ambient music.


Often in flux, Lontalius drew fire online after uploading his deeply personal tracks that understandably connect to a lot of young people navigating the world. Addressing sexuality, daily worries and life as a young person in the digital age – Lontalius is the voice of a generation who didn’t necessarily have one before.


His latest track, “Swim”, sees Lontalius expand and grow as an artist through the delicate juxtaposition of his ambient sounds and R&B production.


Dive into Lontalius’ beautifully haunting and experimental new track “Swim” below as we patiently wait for what’s next.