Spiling the tea for cure of an emotional, heartfelt teen, Kali Claire is searching for a medicine to fix her lonely.

Seeking a solution that can only be solved by the inner happiness of herself, Hackney born and raised songstress Kali Claire shares her intimate take on the symptoms of a teen in her latest single “Fix My Lonely”. Fusing her passionate love for all things R&B, Soul and Pop, 20-year-old Kali is ready to unveil her brokenly wholesome sweet sounds throughout her latest EP following the single, “Symptoms of a Teen” as the UK’s best hidden secret.

With no previous records to hold her high, Kali’s secret backing vocal appearance on Not3s’ chart-topping ‘My Lover’ and ‘Just Fine’ singles, (who she also joined on stage at the 2018 GRM Daily Rated Awards) has done the job in fermenting our unconditional love for her sensational sound already. Starting off her magical journey by performing to a sold-out Sofar Sounds audience and a part of Adidas London’s #HereToCreate Autumn/Winter campaign as well as featuring on Unknown T’s second offering ‘Throwback’ Kali is one voice tired of hiding and here to flourish this year.

Taking some real time to develop her uniquely sensual craft, Kali has not only been opening up her lyrical book to tell the tales of thousands going through similar experiences but also publically undergoing a sense of self-discovery. Happy to take time and give herself and her supporters only the best, Kali comments “if
you don’t know who you are, you cannot enjoy the songs yourself, so how can anyone else enjoy them too. Centering the mood of her first ever EP ”‘Symptoms of A Teen’ around her teenage years growing up in London with an underlying theme of ‘coming of age’ and ‘growing pains’, Kali opening up a dialogue addressing what teenagers really experience, especially herself on the 5-track-EP which also sees a feature from British rapper Not3s. With a hidden talent and a concept close to so many hearts, Kali Claire is one artist who isn’t afraid to shed a tear and show you how she feels.

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