Immerse yourself Aaron London's stunning and soulful new offering 'Take Me Back'.

Setting off with a new chapter in his musical journey, Aaron London is diving into a new soulful sound which can be heard within his latest track ‘Take Me Back’.


Known for wavering in between various genres already, Aaron successfully blurs the line between soul and blues on his latest track which is equal parts vulnerable as it is addictive. Whilst various jazz influences have been woven throughout his music previously, it’s no surprise to hear London take his talents to the nostalgic sound of soul.


Speaking on the latest track, Aaron revealed, “Intentionally cheesy, but ‘Take Me Back’ is one of my personal favourites because as much as it sounds like a break up song between two lovers, I actually wrote this one for my parents after an argument which led to me leaving the house.”


Dive into the stunning and meditative track from the singer below.