The explosive firecracker MACKandgold releases a stunning EP entitled 'Take Solace'.

Allow us to introduce you to the humourous and artistic mastermind that goes by MACKandgold. Already making a name for herself with her unique talent for crafting visual, emotionally-driven universes and her honeysuckle guitar melodies and enticing voice.


MACKandgold takes you by the hand through her tales of love and loss, soundtrack by her feel-good bass melodies. Following her February release ‘Take Me In’, MACKandgold’s EP is a paradise for electro-pop lovers.


Speaking on the EP, MACKandgold revealed, “There’s a common theme of darkness and overcoming in each song. I take solace in creating music to help me navigate challenges.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Dive into the stunning EP from MACKandgold below!