Icelandic singer/songwriter JFDR continues to craft her mystical soundscape with the dreamlike and melodic new single "Taking A Part Of Me".

Jófríður Ákadóttir, better known as the musical project JFDR, has been quietly shaping a universe that is haunted and enticed by vivid storytelling and siren-like vocals. Undoubtedly, JFDR has become one of the most prolific singer/songwriters of this generation.


Today, be prepared to be taken on a whimsical and intimate journey through JFDR’s latest creation, “Taking A Part Of Me”. The cinematic visual, directed by rising Australian director Emily Avila, perfectly combines JFDR’s haunting and ethereal melodies with spectral electronics. The waves in between are inviting and carefree; the gossamer nature of her performance tethered to the more robust architecture of the music.


Speaking on the track, JFDR revealed “This song is about turning the misery to its flip side, the negative space, the desired destination, the contrast, moon to sun, low to high, soft to hard, interior to exterior, passive to active, valley to hill, still water to mountain, sleep to wake.”


With an impressive body of work behind her, JFDR has created eight albums in eight years, with more on the way. Dig your teeth gently into the gorgeous world created by JFDR below!