James Indigo has dropped a hot new collab with Glasgow producer TAAHLIAH, "Taste My Body".

For James Indigo, the key word is “fusion”. Understanding the fundamentally intersectional nature of life as a queer Black artist with ties to both Jamaica and Britain, Indigo creates sounds that refuse to settle in a singular box, bringing in a wide array of influences from across the Atlantic to communicate the entirety of his identity.


His brand of impactful rap is shot through with notes of electronica and dance music, and pounding trap beats that keep up the intensity. It’s a mix that has gained him plenty of notices from across the music world, as well as prestigious spots playing alongside Bree Runway and Shygirl.


Now, Indigo has teamed up with Glasgow producer TAAHLIAH to create an urgent and exciting new tune, “Taste My Body”.  It’s a pounding anthem that layers in excitingly chiming electronica underneath gently urgent vocals – a club anthem that’s brutally concise.


On the track, James says, “I have never heard a black gay rapper from the UK spit over the kind of beats that TAAHLIAH produces. It’s also really important for me to team up with a black trans woman. 2022 is about breaking down boundaries and pushing buttons.”

Listen below:

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