Songstress Carmen effortlessly entices her audience with her breezy and sultry new single 'Tell Me'.

21-year-old enchantress Carmen is going from good to great with the release of ‘Tell Me’ – an effortless blend of jazz, hip-hop and R&B.


After setting the airwaves alight with her prolific track ‘Part Time’, Carmen is moving on up in her trajectory with a stunning new track that is ultimately urban jazz. Carmen’s ability to weaver and fluctuate between 90s smooth R&B, hip-hop and jazz sets this singer on a gorgeous path within her own musical journey.


The combination of a free and laid-back guitar hook, smooth drums, and her own naturally sweeping vocals on ‘Tell Me’ creates a bold and refreshing addition to her growing archive, one that also reflects her own personality.


Get into your feelings below with the release of Carmen’s ‘Tell Me’!