Promoting a mindset of curiosity and creativity, Tommy Jeans explores new ways to inspire positive change through experimentation and play in their new campaign.

Three Futuremakers from different corners of the globe bring Tommy Jeans’ “Play To Progress” mindset to life through music, the internet and street culture.

Nigeria-born, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and producer Tems is one of the campaign’s three stars. Through her self-produced lyrics and irresistible Afrobeats melodies, Tems is a model for creative experimentation and harnessing the power of play.


“Learning to find what your own stance is in life evolves your creativity. That’s freedom,” shares Tems, as she reflects on what “Play To Progress” means to her. “I was tired of waiting for help. So, I taught myself the production skills I needed to make a song. Only I have the power to change my fate.”

Blurring the lines between the digital and physical world is imma, Asia’s first CGI and hyper-realistic model by virtual human company Aww Inc. With her unique existence pushing the boundaries of real and virtual, imma creates endlessly new possibilities in fashion, the metaverse and beyond, while she questions identity, gender and more with a sense of playfulness, making her a perfect fit for the Tommy Jeans campaign.


BMX-er Rayshawn Isaiah Washington, or BikeLifeRex as he is also known, inspires future generations with his enviable tricks and continuous desire to experiment. The Tommy Jeans “Play to Progress” star supports local youth with a safe space to learn and have fun through play with his action-packed bike crew.

Each talent in the campaign is wearing the Tommy Jeans Chicago reversible windbreaker, featuring the brand’s iconic bold color blocking. Coming good on the campaign’s message, Tommy Jeans embraces the “Play To Progress” mindset with the introduction of Denim Progressed, a new denim program that focuses on progression in style and sustainability with 100% recycled denim including hemp denim to save soil and circular denim, designed from the start to be made again.


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