Singer, artist, and overall daily positive energy and hilarious IG social commentator Lola Coca is back with a 1960's disco-dub inspired track.

“The Map” is Lola’s latest single off her upcoming album. Wearing her heart on her sleeve and as usual, honest and tongue-in-cheek in her lyrics, “The Map” is a perfect tune to dance to as your at a bar having cocktails by the beach, despite the lyrics being about literally giving someone the directions/a map to win your love, and the receiver missing all the signs they’ve been given.

The track gives you a bit of spoken word singsong a la Sister Nancy, and a chorus with a hint of reggae that is sure to be sampled by other musicians one day.

What have you got up your sleeve for 2019?
“The Map” is the first song I am releasing off my EVERY SEASON series, which is a song for, and inspired by, the suns energy of every zodiac season. I like to think of it as a “sunbathing” project, basking in differing moods and how the planets affect people, in this case – how it affects me specifically. The series is more of an on going, interactive album. You’re on the journey with me as the project unfolds! “The Map” to me captured the energy of Aries season perfectly, thus it felt right to kick off the new astrological year and close Aries season with this fiery number.
How has the last few years been with writing your music? what have you gone through specifically that we will hear on the EVERY SEASON series?

I can’t lie, there’s been some highs and lows. Some summers and winters. Sun and rain! Ha. And you’re going to feel that throughout most likely.

What kind of music did you listen to while you were recording? On IG you’ve got your standards playlist – what made you want to bring your friends/fans on this journey with you?

My ears are attuned to crooners. I love 50s jazz songs but also modern day artists that capture that “pull on the ol’ heart strings”. STANDARDS is a playlist that has no doubt inspired my musical output, and I just wanted to give people a page to find me on.

Did you work with anyone you hadn’t worked with before? How does the sound compare to your last album?

You have to tell me how it compares – I’m too ‘in it’ to know! On “The Map” I found great musical chemistry and affinity with the legendary producer duo, Future Cut. We sonically sit in a similar vein, and are inspired by similar references. Fantastic energy, and great to work with them. More to come from other incredible producers also.

Talk to me about “The Map” – was it inspired by one specific person or a few ideas in general?

People have different ideas… ‘The Map’ of the body perhaps, wink wink?!
‘The Map’ was inspired by a situationship. It’s frustration. It’s knowing someone’s going to fuck up elsewhere and come running back to you. It’s my tribute to the Beyoncé lyric, “why don’t you love me when I make me so damn easy to love…”


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