With the release of their new album "How Do You Love?", we catch up with The Regrettes, the latest bright young things as our latest Internet Crush!

Full of enlightened rage, Helter Skelter punk-pop riffs and rhythms are the newest noise to come out of the West Coast, The Regrettes. A punching breath of fresh air, The Regrettes, led by Lydia Night, began blossoming into 2017 with their sucker-punch debut album ‘Feel Your Feelings, Fool!’.


Probably the coolest teenagers right now, who aren’t afraid to speak their mind with a certain empathy and maturity beyond their years when it comes to toxic masculinity, heartbreak, emotions, women’s rights and the hellscape that is Trump’s America. Today, The Regrettes have released their latest album “How Do You Love?”, it’s clear that The Regrettes are on a trajectory set for the moon. Already, The Regrettes have played iconic festivals and live-sets including Coachella, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan Live. It will be interesting to see where they are now this time next year.


“How Do You Love?” details the nuances of the rise and fall of a relationship – a universal experience that will never be a cliche. Ultimately, the overall message of the LP is self-love. A message we can all get behind. Check out The Regrettes as our latest Internet Crush below and listen to their brand new album here.

How does it feel to have your album “How Do You Love?” out in the world?

It feels so crazy and exciting… also extremely surreal. It’s one of those things that is so built up and when it gets here it’s kinda like, well what do I do with myself now? Obviously, we’re extremely busy but it just feels so insane to have it out. I just really hope people love it as much as we do.

If you had to describe The Regrettes to someone who may not know you yet, what would you say?

I would say we are band doing something that nobody else is. It’s really hard for me to define us with a genre but I think rock is the easiest one to use since it can mean anything you want it to. Our new album is inspired by a lot of power pop bands but is also inspired by some 80s pop and indie rock. We are very honest in our lyrics and try to be as vulnerable as possible.

What is your creative process like when it comes to making music?

Honestly, it’s different every time. sometimes I’ll come up with a melody and lyric out of absolutely nowhere like reading a sign or something whilst I’m walking down the street and other times, I’ll sit down because I have an urge to write. Sometimes I am in the mood to write with others or I use it as a great way to have some therapeutic alone time.

How has LA impacted your sound and look?

I feel like it’s impacted on me in so many ways that I can’t quite describe since I don’t actually know anything different! Naturally, I am inspired by the clothes and style everywhere. When something catches my eye, I will either subconsciously or consciously seek it out. I also think growing up and going to local shows affected my sound too in ways that are hard to pinpoint but I know exist.

What else inspires you outside of music?

Oh man, everything! My friends, my family, my band, my boyfriend, my surroundings, everything. I write from personal experience most of the time so it can really range from a song being written about the coffee I drank that morning to the call I had with my mom!

Favourite thing to do on a day off?

I definitely try my best to not push myself and to do whatever is gonna feel the healthiest for me. Whether that’s doing a longer yoga sesh or taking a longer shower, whatever I feel like I need that day. I also love to explore depending on where we are. We love finding thrift stores and good food, sometimes kicking a soccer ball in a park… we’re a pretty wholesome band haha.

What’s the best thing about touring together?

I love all the connections we make with the people who come and see us. Nothing is more rewarding than that feeling of playing a show and having people sing your lyrics with you. It’s insane. I also love everyone in the band so much so spending quality time with everyone and going through it all together is incredibly special and important to me.

Where did you get the name of The Regrettes from?

I really just thought of it kinda out of nowhere. I was in the car trying to think of band names and listing off a bunch out loud and something about The Regrettes just felt really right and stuck with me.

What has been your highlight of this year so far?

There are so many but I think our tour with Twenty One Pilots might have to take the cake! Touring with a band on that scale is such a surreal and rare experience and I’m so grateful for it. We learned so much about what it means to be performers and about where that can take you.

What is one album that defines you?

“Live Through This” by Hole. This album changed my life and my approach to song writing and being a woman. It taught me how to sing from an unapologetic, honest, and real place and showed me that it’s okay for a woman to be angry and sing about it.