Say hello to Scotland's best kept secret and your favourite new band with more than an indie edge - The Snuts.

On the brink of something special are the latest talents to break out of Scotland, The Snuts. With their famous Scottish humour and musical talent to match, this foursome has been gaining momentum since uploading their now cult classics online. Just after the release of their Parlophone single ‘All Your Friends’ produced by Inflo, sees the boys take on a massive nine-day tour of the UK. Kicking off mid-September throughout to the end of October clearly reveals the meteoric rise for the band.

With their hometown massively supporting them, The Snuts are ready to gain the hearts of the rest of the UK starting off with their summer of festivals. If that wasn’t enough, The Snuts will be joining the equally as funny and talented Lewis Capaldi as special guests on his November UK tour. The video for their single ‘All Your Friends’ directed by Ronan Corrigan and Hope Kemp captures the humour and charm of The Snuts as they’re literally caught up in a shopping channel TV advert from times-gone-by, fuelled by their much-loved Buckfast.

Before their launch into superstardom, we sit down with The Snuts to have a get to grips with what’s to come for the boys.

How did it feel to have your early demos blow up and become cult sensations?

It was ideal really, the reason we put out demos originally was to make sure people coming to see us live knew the songs. I think it’s a kind of lost art nowadays putting out demos before everything gets a bit too serious.

You guys have such a strong energy on stage, how to get yourself ready mentally for a show?

Every show is as important to us as the last, we are constantly trying to better ourselves so we always walk on with that mindset.

What’s one of your dream venues to perform in?

The Barrowlands, every time.

Has growing up in Scotland had an impact on your songwriting process?

100% we played music right through our teenage years, be it school or drinking bottles of cider in forests…

How did you guys decide to form The Snuts?

We spent our lives sneaking into gigs and playing the guitar together. We were obsessed with the culture that came with the indie music scene and wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.

Did you all have a musical upbringing?

Not particularly, it was more something that brought us and our mates together. I think thats why we liked it so much.

Who would you love to collaborate with on a track?

For me it would have to be Loyle Carner. We are all massive fans of rap music and he does it better than anyone else in the UK right now.

What’s been your favourite memory so far about touring?

Probably crossing the border into the US with the intention of doing the damage stateside.

Anyone in the industry that you’re excited about at the minute?

The Snuts.

What’re the plans for the second half of the year?

Big tunes and big performances. We’re recording our debut album at the moment and we’re really pushing ourselves to make something really exciting.

Watch The Snuts 'All Your Friends' Video Below