Marie Noreger has dropped a tranquil new single, "THE VIEW".

Creativity comes in many forms for Marie Noreger. Having picked up a variety of creative interests from an artistic family who pursued numerous eclectic interests such as painting, puppeteering and photography, she has spun that into a musical career which incorporates a little bit of everything, always centring around the power of art to express the things that words can’t.


Her unique self-expression is on full display in her new single, “THE VIEW”. Indicating Noreger’s breadth of influences, it takes on the stylings of old-school R&B, with Noreger’s languorous and inviting vocals indicating a depth of contentment as she describes the feeling of being perfectly at ease with the right people, the anxieties of the world dispelled for a moment.


It’s accompanied by a fittingly retro analogue-style music video, interspersing grainy footage of Noreger in tranquility with soothing images of buds flowering and spring coming.


On the song, Noreger says, “It’s actually really funny how it works. I can walk the same street a hundred times .. One day everything might look ugly and dark and empty.. the next day it might look colourful and beautiful.. and it’s just because I’m feeling different. I realised that I view the world more beautifully when I’m with the people I love .. so I wrote a song about it!”

Watch the music video for "THE VIEW" here:

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