The newest voice in R&B music, Aryeè The Gem, is just getting started.

With energetic beats and a strong message, get ready to enjoy the musical rhythm and lyrical content from the newest voice in R&B music, Aryeè The Gem. This singer and songwriter is making waves in the music industry, carving out space in the alternative R&B genre with tracks founded in soul music and hip-hop. Pull up a chair and relax into this rising artist’s fresh, new sound.


Aryeè The Gem finds much of her musical inspiration from her personal experiences. Raised in a non-traditional household, with a mother unable to care for her and a father she never met, this musical talent was brought up by two women, one of whom was her cousin. Despite this unconventional household, family has always played a major role in why Aryeè The Gem sings. The women who raised Aryeè The Gem recognized her natural affinity for music at a young age and helped nurture her talent, infusing a passion for art within her. From choir to playing violin, and even some dance, Aryeè The Gem has always been surrounded by music.


Growing up without her birth parents and siblings has helped Aryeè The Gem better understand where her passions aligned. The artist has further struggled with the aftermath of dropping out of college, losing various creative opportunities, battling depression, pinching pennies, and being heartbroken. But these experiences provided the space for Aryeè The Gem to reflect on what she did and did not want to experience in her life – to gain a clearer understanding of her purpose.


Aryeè The Gem fuels her music with the emotional experiences of her past, drawing inspiration from everything she has dealt with. The musician finds it just hits differently when she can talk about the things she has gone through via her music. But while the development of this artist’s musical passion may be rooted in her upbringing and personal experiences, what helps set Aryeè The Gem apart from the rest of the players is her dedication and commitment to honing her craft.


As a lifelong learner, Aryeè The Gem aims to produce music that is a constant reflection of her growth and evolution. The artist has learned that staying focused on the life you want to live requires patience, self-awareness, focus, and the release and reprogramming of your mind.


Her life lessons are reflected in her newest release, ‘To It’, which recognizes the difficult process of overcoming your fears and insecurities to grow and become stronger. ‘To It’ is a musical expression of overthinking. It was a way Aryeè The Gem could honour and respect her biggest character flaw without allowing it to prevent her from elevating herself. It’s a bop that will have you slowly shimmying your shoulders while you experience the universal moment of being free from weights that hold you down.


From the VMA pink carpet to the 2024 Grammys, this rising R&B artist is on a mission to continue impacting the world through her music and expanding into fashion and film. Aryeè The Gem plans to push limits and represent people who look like her. While the process may be challenging, Aryeè The Gem has been getting to it – and so can you.

Listen to 'To It' below now:

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