Devon trio Tors talk touring, everything ‘Only For You’ and their upcoming EP as they kick off 2024 with an indie-sleaze bang.

On one ordinary day, brothers Matt and Theo reached the joint decision to form a band. It was their calling, destiny if you will. Their upbringing in South London, filled with resonating chords of their grandfather’s guitar had laid the foundation for this realisation, as he filled the family’s home with edgy riffs and pulsating flicks.


Whilst the duo firmed the prospect of whisking up a band,  the brothers knew that they would need another member to fulfil their vision. Placing an ad on Gumtree, there were two applicants for the role: an elder gentleman who didn’t quite fit the envisioned mould, while the other was Jack. A meeting over drinks ensued, and it was apparent that Jack was the missing piece. Without the need for an audition, Jack was swiftly welcomed into the fold, and Tors was born.


These humble beginnings in 2016 marked the genesis of Tor’s ascent through the indie-sleaze ranks, bringing woozy beats to earworm hooks as they flaunt their alternative flair. The trio works paradigmatically. Why? They each know their roles and have mastered them like seasoned professionals. Jack brings his production chops, while Matt crafts the topline and melodies, and Theo lends his lyrical prowess. This synergy has seen Tors unveil a steady slew of singles that elevate the indie-pop game to greater heights, as they explore experimental paths that harness rich harmonies and poetic storytelling.


While their sound usually treads indie’s alternative path, their recent track, ‘Only For You’, diverges from their typical thumping soundscapes, opting instead for a stripped-back acoustic arrangement that lays bare their raw emotions. Recorded in a single night at a studio in Woodstock, New York, the track retains its raw, organic essence, reflecting the members’ personal experiences with love and the ebbs and flows that run alongside.


Included in their forthcoming EP, Miracle, the project is set to delve deeper into the band’s lives. With the EP recorded amidst the wild forest and hills of Woodstock, the trio immersed themselves into local culture, from baptisms in icy cold water to importune open mic sessions, we can expect the EP to be entrenched with a sense of adventure and unabashed authenticity.


Embracing every opportunity that comes their way, Tors are poised to embark on a sold-out UK and European headline tour this spring, alongside a stellar line-up of festival gigs. Ahead of their meteoric rise, we catch up with the three-piece and talk everything ‘Only For you’ and their upcoming EP as they kick off 2024 with an indie-sleaze bang.

The new single, ‘Only For You’, seems to deviate slightly from Tors’ typical style, being a bit of a more pure and direct love song. How do you think this departure will be received by long-time fans of the band?

It’s already been received so well which is an enormous relief, we were nervous to be so vulnerable but our fans have been so kind and generous with their support.

What inspired the thematic shift (transitioning into love songs), and how does it reflect the band’s evolution as artists?

The whole song poured out in about 20 minutes in between takes at a studio in Woodstock, New York. It was one of those that seemed to come out of nowhere and we recorded it that same night and haven’t changed a thing about the track since. Thematically it flowed very naturally drawing on our experiences with love, it was refreshing to find a way to express ourselves that way without feeling forced or corny.

How do you perceive the vulnerability portrayed in the song?

Hopefully it shines through, Matt’s vocal and the guitar following it are both very dry, we wanted it to sound as though he was in the room with the listener playing the song for the very first time.

‘Only For You’ showcases Tors’ vocal harmonies against warm, understated instrumentation. How do you think this musical arrangement contributes to the overall emotion and atmosphere of the song?

The paired back and very minimal instrumentation was a deliberate choice to try and reflect the vulnerability of the vocal and the lyrics. Hopefully this approach has served to enhance the overall emotion of the record.

The upcoming EP, Miracle, features collaborations with producer Simone Felice. How do you anticipate his influence shaping the overall sound and direction of the EP compared to previous releases?

Simone is a magical mountain cowboy and he really pushed us hard to better ourselves and our performances/writing at every turn while making this EP. We’ve been such enormous fans of his work from the Felice Brothers to The Lumineers and it was an honour to work with him. We made it our mission statement together to make the most emotionally charged, raw version of Tors we possibly could and we’re very proud of the songs we’ve recorded.

The band mentioned recording the Miracle EP in the wild forests and hills of Woodstock, New York, with Simone Felice. How might the natural surroundings and collaborative environment have influenced the music on this EP? 

Woodstock is a strange and mystical place full of artists and runaways and hillbillies, we had a lot of adventures across our time there with the locals – from open mic nights and karaoke bars to baptising ourselves in the ice cold waters that run through the hills. It definitely brought out a different, more wild side of Tors and inspired us to explore a slightly more organic, expansive sound.

The process of recording ‘Only For You’ has been described as spontaneous, capturing the essence of the song in its rawest form. How do you think this approach influenced the final product, and what does it reveal about the band’s creative process?

It’s rare for us not to overthink a song or rehearse it to death, so tackling ‘Only For You’ in such a spontaneous and immediate way was quite exciting and definitely challenged us to act more instinctively and question ourselves less.

In what ways do you expect this new EP to showcase your growth and maturity as musicians and storytellers?

We hope that our fans will notice the progression of our sound and our approach to songwriting. We’ve definitely put our hearts and souls on display in these songs and have tried to let the listener into the more intimate and scary parts of our lives.

The band’s previous EP, Anything Can Happen, marked a significant milestone in their career. How do you anticipate the Miracle EP building upon this success and further establishing Tors in the music industry?

We’ve been slowly growing and building our Tors empire for years now, Anything Can Happen definitely kicked things up a notch and we truly hope that Miracle does the same. We’re just coming to the end of an arena tour supporting James Blunt across Europe and straight into sell out U.K., US and European headline tours of our own this year as well as plenty of festivals and other musical engagements! It’s shaping up to be a wild year ahead and we’re very excited to see where it all leads.

What’s next for you?

A week of sleep then straight into our U.K. headline tour, and plenty more music too.

Listen to 'Only For You' now:


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