The inspiring new campaign 'Time For Ocean's by the iconic TRIWA lives up to the name with their stunning watches made 100% from ocean plastic.

TRIWA is continuing on their winning streak with making products that represent symbols of change that are greatly needed. More than a product, these are symbols of hope and positivity.


Their ‘Time For Change’ initiative includes their new ‘Time For Oceans’ campaign which has resulted in the birth of these sleek and ethical watches made to up-cycle ocean waste and raise awareness of the ocean’s critical health.


The key components of the watch include:

  • Both the case and strap are made from 100% Ocean Plastic produced by Tide Ocean Material in Switzerland.
  • The ocean waste is transformed into granular material using Solar Energy
  • which is then moulded into the four key styles of watch.


Two years ago, TRIWA launched its first CSR product called ‘Time for Peace’, watches made from destructed illegal firearms. Through the campaign, TRIWA managed to raise more than €100,000 that has gone back to anti-violence projects in El Salvador, where the guns are sourced. Now, their focus turns to our oceans which are in desperate need of some help and TRIWA are ensuring they will do their part.


The watches are available to buy in April 2020, so treat yourself and do some good for our oceans.