Manchester's powerhouse promoter Alice Woods is taking her celebrated night 'Under One Roof', a rave designed to be a safe space for adults with learning disabilities, to London's The Pickle Factory.

After successful events in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, ​Under One Roof​ is making its way to the capital on Friday the 12th of July. Under One Roof has been garnering huge momentum behind the much-loved night as Resident Advisor’s ‘Alternate Cuts’ video series showcased the night and it’s founder, Alice Woods, in a short documentary last year. The majority of people in the UK are fighting for their right to continue enjoying music and freedom on the dancefloor as venue closures are on the rise. It’s essential that adults with learning disabilities are given this right to have fun just as we do, in a safe and accommodating space with great music.

Alice Woods highlights that “it’s such a special party and I am really excited to bring it to Pickle Factory! In an ideal world, it wouldn’t even need to exist but for now, I hope it can open up dancefloors and bring people who might never have felt able to go clubbing before into the world of raving. London is a vibrant city with an amazing music scene and that should be accessible for everyone.”

The Pickle Factorywill host the accessible rave from 6:30pm-9:30pm for adults with learning disabilities, which gives them and their carers, friends and family the opportunity to enjoy a proper night out with no worry. Under One Roof ensures numbers are kept realistic for the venue size, so there will be plenty of room to move and dance. Just to note, there will be flashing lights and loud music. The venue has a bar and alcohol will be on sale as well as soft drinks. 

Tickets are priced at£4 and free for carers, meaning that everyone who needs support can have it and are available to purchase here.