A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Second Best’ by gglum

gglum is feeling ‘Second Best’ on this standout track from her debut album, The Garden Dream. Dunking her lo-fi bedroom pop into a pool of Seattle grunge, the single emulates an emotional inadequacy that the London-born songwriter sings so whimsically of.

‘mmm k. x’ by cell m8

Ethereal melodies and trancey drums drift off one another with the hypnotism of fluffy clouds on cell m8’s ‘mmm k. x’. Striking a middle ground between hyperpop and euro dance, the single and its dream state transports you somewhere far more colourful than the drab and dreariness of planet earth.

‘BussDoWN’ by Len

In Len’s LAUZZA directed music video for ‘BussDoWN’, he plays a “young and ambitious street thug” hellbent on climbing “the ranks of the criminal hierarchy”. Alongside Niko B and others, he loots banks and wrestles compatriots to reach the very top, while soundtracking the frantic hedonism with cybernetic rap.

‘Don’t Talk To Me’ by BAD WITH PHONES

Deptford artist, BAD WITH PHONES, is back with new post-punk banger, ‘Don’t’ Talk To Me’. After a two-year hiatus, he gives us a glimpse of his comeback album—a ten song narrative arc of highs, lows and redemption—with his latest track. Channelling a slouchy alt-hip-hop groove, scrunchy guitars ring out as a psychedelic rap sermon bellows “blah, blah, blah” as he yearns to escape from an early hour’s house party.

‘Goldie’ by Tay Jordan

Renowned for capturing a snapshot of hip-hop’s diverse eras, Tay Jordan presents a laid-back gem with ‘Goldie’. Set to a cool, easy-breezy beat, the track sees him take the crown for his wordsmith dexterity. Weaving retro-infused production with his contemporary swagger, Tay pays homage to his musical influences while pushing the boundaries of the rap game to new heights.

‘All In One’ by Been Stellar

Leading us downstairs into a New York dive bar, Been Stellar’s sticky ‘00s indie revivalism is the type of reverberated cacophony we’re loving at the moment. ‘All In One’ grapples with existential uncertainty, as the band digest the mundanities of working life through a lager-goggled lens. The Dirty Hit signees will release their debut album, All In One, later this year.

‘marble arch’ by mary in the junkyard

Your fave “angry weepy chaos rock trio” are back and sounding enraged by a tale of unrequited love. ‘marble arch’ is a Cèilidh-ready track taking you down labyrinths of unpredictable instrumentation; the irrational fears of lovers overpowering delicate and distorted guitars, drums and Clari Freeman-Taylor's vocals.

‘Ethereal’ by TYDL

TYDL, the dynamic duo hailing from Brighton, have found their perfect pairing in electronica and pop, as they whisk up cinematic melodies that guarantee to get your heart racing. Dropping their debut EP, Ethereal, the title track sees the duo paint a vivid picture of infatuation and obsession atop a punchy pop melody laden with electronic tinges, as they take genre-blurring to the next level.

‘Laugh’ by Chastity Belt

Retaining their appetite for subtle sardonic humour, Chastity Belt’s fifth album, Live Laugh Love, sees them carve out their alternative rock sound even further. While many tracks on the album sees them in slacker rock mode, ‘Laugh’ stands out for its mellower tones. Fuelled by the nostalgia of LA summers, catchy guitar riffs dance over a languid drumbeat that’s certain to get you swaying.

‘No Good in Goodbye’ by Lo Lauren

Pop princess Lo Lauren offers a shimmering upbeat anthem with ‘No Good in Goodbye’. Dishing up a poignant reminder that goodbyes are inevitably painful, Lo Lauren’s powerhouse vocals soar amidst punchy guitar riffs as she reminds us that healing takes time.


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