Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"grateful" by Martin Luke Brown

“grateful” sees Martin bounce back with a blissfully buoyant indie tune, the sophomore track from his upcoming debut studio album.

"Crooks" by Farveblind

Danish outfit Farveblind partner up with Sebastian Monti for eerie new release “Crooks”. The final installment off their brand-new EP, this cut welcomes electronica into a post-punk realm.

"XO" by lozeak

19-year-old lozeak is back with another addictive release, “XO" providing glistening fun with electropop tendencies.

"Flicker" by LOLA

With sultry vocals and seductive basslines, LOLA’s latest is produced by IGLOOGHOST and Ragz Originale, submerging listeners in an angelic visualiser.

"Loving That Girl I Hate" by Stella Angelika

The lead single off her newly released EP, “Loving That Girl I Hate” is a contrasting release consisting of heartfelt lyrics and nonchalant melodies.

"HOTEL" by Montell Fish

Accompanied with pixelated visuals and warped psychedelic riffs, “Hotel” is a sneak peak of the artists forthcoming EP, and comes with the announcement of Montell’s major U.S. tour.

"Breathe" by Grace Davies

Grace Davies has dropped a climatic new track “Breathe”, complete with breathtaking build assured to transport you into an otherworldly trance.

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