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‘imagining things’ by Nina Cobham

Rising Manchester artist Nina Cobham today released her new EP, Antes, which features the unreleased lead single, ‘imagining things’. The lo-fi folk jam, which delves into her struggles with belonging, serves as a time capsule for a period she struggled to come out the other side of.

‘ur special to me’ by Artemas

London-based musician Artemas brings together his multi-faceted music talents in his new release ‘ur special to me’. Featuring hard-hitting drums and a distorted bass, it’s a high energy track, ripe and ready for performing at his two sold-out shows at the Lower Third next week. The artists’ breathy vocals – which on a previous track ‘if u think I’m pretty’ intoxicated TikTok – meanwhile add a dark edge to the anthem. His mixtape, featuring this explosive single has also just dropped.

‘Signs’ by Bien Et Toi ft Halima

Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Bien et Toi is proving he is a force to be reckoned with his new single, featuring Halima, ‘Signs’. Inspired by 70s funk and Led Zeppelin, the track seamlessly blends genres emerging as an immersive sonic landscape. With a portfolio featuring Lana Del Rey and Biig Piig, Bien et Toi’s new chapter producing music as a solo artist was destined for greatness.

‘Alesis’ by Mk.gee

Having been cosigned by Frank Ocean on his Blonded radio show, Mk.gee is a revered guitarist and singer whose woozy soundscapes are leaving big impressions on tastemakers around the world. If you tuned into Benji B’s Radio 1 show last week, you’ll have heard him speaking with a fond nonchalance about his new album, Two Star & The Dream Police, which came out today and features the droney lead single, ‘Alesis’.

‘ice’ by Erika de Casier, They Hate Change

If the ‘00s existed in space, this intergalactic R&B banger from Erika de Casier would no doubt soundtrack it. ‘ice’ offers moments of contemplation, as the Danish singer-songwriter unites with Tampa hip-hop duo They Hate Change, who rap adjacently to the inherently ethereal Y2K tones.

‘LOS NARCOS’ by Master Peace

Making music for the kids that don’t give a f***, Master Peace started 2024 with a racket, announcing his debut album and offering a handful of high-octane singles. An electroclash anthem, ‘LOS NARCOS’ will have you chanting its catchy hook long into the weekend and maybe even muttering the hushed “I’m so sexy, ah ah so Sexy” line to yourself too.

‘badintentions’ by OG KEMi, ayrtn

Closing out OG KEMi’s first project of the year, WAYPASTCOOL, VOl. 2, ‘badintentions’ is powered by promiscuity, as the rapper acknowledges his desire to get what he wants when he wants it. ayrtn couldn’t resist dropping a verse either, bodying the pile-driving trap beat with his potent south London flow.

‘Above It All’ by KeepVibesNear, Benny Banks

Romford crooner KeepVibesNear returns in the company of UK rap royalty, Benny Banks. ‘Above It All’ is a sedative listen; the songwriter injects you with his reassuring tones, offering a blanket of hazy lo-fi soundscapes before the veteran emcee interjects and provides a poignant stoner verse.

‘Vortex - Stripped Mix’ by Ploy

Ploy’s latest unrelenting groover, ‘Vortex - Stripped Mix', rumbles with convoluted synths and cranky 4/4 production. There’s barely a second to breathe over the seven minutes, as the track builds and crumbles into erratic techno euphoria before exploding into rolling garage drums and frantically layered soundbites.

‘Calvepen 666’ by Sputnik One

Facta and K-Lone's revered Wisdom Teeth imprint kicks off its 10th anniversary celebrations with the announcement of a collaborative EP, called Club Moss. Featuring 14 tracks, from the likes of LUXE, Jay Carder and Yushh, the project builds on the label’s fondness for exploring new realms within the 150-170 bpm bracket. The zapping ‘Calvepen 666’ by Dublin based producer Sputnik One is our first taste from the compilation.

‘KANYE ME’ by oogie

oogie’s equally elusive and infectious nature has won him a cult following over the last few years. On ‘KANYE ME’, the first single taken from a forthcoming EP, the anecdotal storyteller spreads his ambivalent cadence onto a slice of smooth WIZE production, which incorporates twinkly grime percussion and melodies.

‘Oh, Environment’ by Giles et Diego

Spotlighting the talented children of Nkuringo Bright Future School Orphanage, ‘Oh Environment’ unites poetry with rich house textures, sending out an honest message on climate change and action. It’s the second episode of the Dance Be Happy EP, which pledges a deeper understanding of environmental and sustainability issues.

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