Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

'Girls That Play’ by Etta Marcus

Ahead of her debut album, The Death of Summer & Other Promises, due on January 26, Etta Marcus has kicked off 2024 with the remarkable new single, ‘Girls That Play’. Referencing the precious relationships with the powerful women she has around her, the track whispers alluring lines like, “I bet you wanna be us, I bet you wanna have fun / I want you part of the club”, reinforcing the affection for those she holds so dearly to her.

‘Lucky’ by Erika de Casier

This week, Portugal-born, Danish singer-songwriter Erika de Casier announced her new album, Still. Marking the return, lead single, ‘Lucky’, is an ethereal introduction to what more is to come from the fairy-like artist, who points her wand and adds spellbinding qualities to enchanting jungle production.

‘LAGOS’ by DEELA, Somadina

DEELA reminds us where she’s from on ‘LAGOS’, letting everyone know that Lagosian’s, “don’t take no bullshit.” Fellow emerging Nigerian artist Somadina is called upon for her idiosyncratic delivery, matching the beat’s energy with a transcendent verse.

‘if you’d fallen in love with me’ by Kilu

No one could accuse Kilu of not keeping busy. Over the past two years, he’s released 14 singles and a debut project, channelling melancholic soundscapes centred around his delicate vocals and soft guitar work. ‘if you’d fallen in love with me’ is his most gut-wrenching track to date. Made with The Silhouettes Project affiliate Sam Ellwood, the track’s gothic melodies and vampiric tendencies create a chilling tone, which is occasionally interrupted by his lilting vocals.

‘Big Collide’ by WESLEE

The release of Weslee World 1, a new three-track EP, signals the end of a three-year hiatus for LA-based duo WESLEE. Letting us in on their immersive world, the project boasts elegant dreamscapes, wispy vocals and dainty percussion. ‘Big Collide’ stands out with its rolling funk basslines and psychedelic atmosphere.

‘effort in’ by Nina Cobham

Adding a dose of serenity to our 2024, Nina Cobham’s ‘effort in’, is another masterful single from the bilingual artist. In both English and Spanish, she serves up an alternative pop soundscape that speaks to a dwindling relationship she’s keen to reignite.

‘Ferocious’ by Oscar #Worldpeace

Rarely a week goes by where Oscar #Worldpeace doesn’t end up on our Undiscovered list. Criminally underrated, the producer-rapper seems to find new realms of creative prowess with every single that goes by. On ‘Ferocious’, the artist is audibly angsty, bodying an intergalactic UK rap beat with his yappy flow.

‘Pressure Pad’ by Folly Group

Speaking on their new single, vocalist/drummer Sean Harper describes ‘Pressure Pad’ as a “Frankenstein’s Monster of a single.” The instrumentation is mashed up in true Folly Group fashion, stitching distorted guitars, crashing drums and restless lyricism together in ugly and unorthodox ways.

‘Derby’s Dose’ by Daudi Matsiko

Those of you in search of a January reset will find it in the sweet tones of Daudi Matsiko. ‘Derby Dose’ sits in an ambient space thanks to restful vocals and gently picked guitar melodies. Finding fragility and relaying it in folkish songwriting, the Nottingham-based, British-Ugandan singer-songwriter has a big year ahead of him.

‘Blame The Moon’ by Alice Shone

Another folky jam to have on your radar, Alice Shone’s ‘Blame The Moon’ shines bright with the songwriter’s hushed and comforting vocals. Acoustic and electric guitars bubble below, creating a pool of serenity to submerge yourself in this weekend.

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A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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