Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

“New Blocks” by Sam Akpro

Peckham-born Sam Akpro is back with more punk-leaning angst: dark and daring, “New Blocks” is at its most poignant when the jazz break crescendos with electronic guitars.

“After Candy Melts” by Caslean, Kian

Our pick from Caslean’s three-track EP, “After Candy Melts” is a piece of joyous bedroom pop that sees the artist singing in her native tongue.

“Crumb” by Eden Rain

“Crumb” is a cathartic listen from London-based and Leeds born artist Eden Rain. With more music in the pipeline, and a gig at Folklore, spring is shaping up to be a busy season for the singer-songwriter.

“411” by Daniel OG

A UK alternative rap originator, Daniel OG returns with a studio version of his COLORS performance that came out six years ago. Keeping the 90s vibe alive, the track takes on elements of g-funk and west coast rap while staying true to his east London roots.

“Cold Heart” by Immi Dash

Flaunting a soulful vocal range and hypnotic chord progressions, “Cold Heart” sounds more self-assured than Immi Dash’s previous releases.

"Sky Can't Keep" by newjoy

This week brand new duo newjoy (Kai Fennell and Cam Fyall) land with their debut self-produced single. Finding inspiration in a range of alternative sounds - from LCD Soundsystem to Alex G - newjoy find their own niche in "Sky Can't Keep", a contemplative anthem for navigating the inner turmoil of your mid-20s.

“Pub Utopic” by Proc Fiskal

Dystopian grime maverick Proc Fiskal is back and sounding fresher than ever. Weaving a glitchy synth palette with chopped vocal samples, “Pub Utopic” looks to ambience and spirituality as strong sources of inspiration.

“Fluent Stutter” by Deki Alem

Swedish twins Deki Alem hit the gut with another unnerving single. “Fluent Stutter” blends heady electronica with elements of grunge and punk.

“skew wiff” by carina

“skew wiff” is the latest sultry listen from carina. Illustrating an electronic vibe with a melancholic touch, the track’s restful rhythms are perfect for anyone needing a break this weekend.

“Sweet Nirvana” by Immy

18-year-old musician Immy spreads her buttery vocals over a slice of jazz-tinged electronica on “Sweet Nirvana”.

“Oh Baby” by Prozak

Irish selector Prozak provides another scintillating release for Shall Not Fade. “Oh Baby”, and its crunching 90s breakbeats, is taken off a forthcoming 12”, which hits record shelves on April 21.

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A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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