Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Prepaid Wireless" by Wallice

Tune in to Wallice's dreamy indie-pop tunes, with her highly-anticipated new EP 'Mr Big Shot' out today. Capturing Gen-Z anxieties in her self-effacing anthems, Wallice is the next big name to come storming out of LA's burgeoning alt-pop scene.

"I Hope I'm Not Sick" by Loveless

Loveless's unique blend of emo and high velocity pop-rock gives this sentimental track another enticing layer, as it unwraps the emotional weight of mental health challenges.

"no violence" by sona blue

With his eloquent lyrics and oh-so-smooth melodies, catch sona at his very best with brand new track, "no violence".

"Girlfriend" by Äyanna

Äyanna's flirtatious and feel-good new single, "Girlfriend" is sure proof that she's prepped to take the pop sphere by storm.

BEBE by Len, Odunsi (The Engine)

Rising south London rapper Len taps into his Nigerian roots with this slick Alté-infused track, featuring Odunsi The Engine.

"STAMINA" by TeeZee

Fusing Afrobeats, Amapiano & Brazilian funk, TeeZee's latest single is one to get you grooving all summer long.

"I Love You But You're Making Me Sad" by Dolores Forever

Dolores Forever have just returned with a beautifully introspective new offering, titled "I Love You But You're Making Me Sad".

"Last One Laughing" by Sam Wise, kadiata

A pivotal member of cult UK hiphop collection House of Pharaohs, south Londoner Sam Wise is one to have on your radar. He turns up the heat once again with his recent rebellious offering, "Last One Laughing".

"Like I Do" by Tino

Demonstrating maturity far beyond his years, Tino's new track "Like I Do" marks a fresh chapter for the young musician. Juxtaposing wistful words with gritty drill, be assured this is Tino's best work yet.

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