Height of glamour fashion house, Versace, has revealed a summer-ready collection to make a splash.

The venerable Italian fashion house, Versace, has released a beach-perfect mini-collection to dive into. “La Vacanza” combines Versace’s signature Greca and Baroch patterning with new prints taken directly from the sea.


Think tropical swathes of starfish and entangled wreaths of starfish intermingled with gold Baroch florals. Deep hued blues, greens, and pinks are matched with shimmering silks. The collection comprises an eye-popping pink and gold dressing gown emblazoned with the Versace logo – great for lazy mornings on the beach – and canvas starfish trainers with a Greca-trim.

Donatella has explained the inspiration behind the collection: “With this shoot, I wanted to create something fun that captures the spirit of a vacation. We all miss travel. We miss the excitement of being somewhere different, of meeting with friends and sharing experiences. These images are about enjoying life and feeling free, they encapsulate that summertime feeling of endless possibilities.”


The “La Vacanza” mini-collection perfectly captures how much we’re looking forward to catching some sun.