The rising R&B songstress releases her highly anticipated debut EP 'Water Me'

Twenty-one-year-old Syd B is about to take the music world by storm with her debut EP Water Me. The R&B soulful songstress has once again compiled a body of work that resonates on all levels with Generation Z. With her hooky melodies and resonating lyrics, 2018 saw Syd B in studios both sides of the Atlantic where she has been working on this project. Water Me is an intimate mix of soulful songs that reflect Syd B’s journey of navigating the world of music, relationships, friendships and adulthood as a young woman.


The young singer is set to make major moves in 2019 with her cathartic R&B hooky melodies and bittersweet lyrics. She’s ridiculously talented and delivers the empowerment anthems that we are socially in dire need of.


The lead single from the EP Night and Day sets the tone both musically and conceptually. It opens the conversation for the complex thought processes that Syd was experiencing during the entirety of her creative process. On the flipside, Sweet n Low positions itself as the vulnerable spot, instilling a sense of soulfulness and romanticism. Produced with Tony Maseratti, the mastermind behind Mary J. Blige, Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy and Queen Latifah, the track positions itself as a lyrical pillar within the EP.


Mixing things up with Ego, the track is evocative of youthfulness through its biting lyrics and upbeat melody. The title track, Water Me, came about when Syd B and Floyd Fuji first worked together and expresses a desire to be renewed, to nurture, and to be nurtured in return. Sober features lush harmonies and layered vocal parts, exemplifying the conflicting feelings of vulnerability and stoicism, softness, and hardness and the way they come together and move apart in discord and agreement.


Water Me is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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