As the contemporary R&B enchantress Syd B returns with her glistening new track 'Lights On', we get the creative to curate a 10Trax playlist to brighten up your Monday.

Singer, songwriter and all-around creative powerhouse Syd B is back with her delicate and enchanting brand of tender R&B bops that are cementing her status as one of the greatest bright young things to burst through the internet waves.


Syd’s latest track, ‘Lights On’, is ultimately a homage to the endless journey into adulthood that doesn’t truly have a final destination – it is a path marked with trials and tribulations as we ultimately try to better ourselves day by day.


The air in which Syd B creates is surrounded by authenticity and relatability as her musings are often left as they organically were, without too much outside meddling. This makes Syd B one of the most relatable voices coming through the new age of chilled R&B as her experiences of navigating the world as a young woman shine through in all their mistakes and glory within Syd’s work.


Speaking on the latest track, Syd revealed, “This song is about making the decision to lose a companion, and recommitting to myself. I think commitments to yourself are made and renewed yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. It’s all so blurry when you love and care for someone, but setting boundaries should feel like growing pains, not like attacks.  As women, we are told that the kindness is all to aspire to in a partner. If someone is seemingly “good to you” you’re greedy to ask for more. You do not need permission to choose yourself.”


To get a better insight, we got the rising star to curate a playlist of 10Trax below for you to enjoy before you dive into her latest single ‘Lights On’. Enjoy!

"Lovely Day" by Bill Withers

"I listen to this man daily, but now it feels more important than ever."

"Selfish" by SAINt JHN

"My go-to for a living room dance party or I put this in my ears when I'm vacuuming."

"Mind's Eye" by Jordan Rakei

"Perfect song for a long drive when I need to do a lot of thinking."

"Treasure" by Sampha

"I love listening to this song before bed. Sampha never fails to make me feel all the things. It was also in one of my favorite films of 2019, Beautiful Boy."

"Supalonely" by BENEE & Gus Dapperton

"I've been throwing this one on when I need to move my body or need a pick me up. Gets me in the best mood."

"Really Love" by D'Angelo

"Masterpiece in my opinion."

"20 Something" by SZA

"She's always been in my top 5 favorite artists, but this track feels exceptionally relatable this year."

"Talk Is Cheap" by Chet Faker

"I recently rediscovered this song and forgot how gooooood it is."

"Wolves" by Jensen McRae

"Brilliant in so many ways. I cry pretty much every time I take a listen. Said some things I've always wanted to express in the most beautiful way. Don't sleep on this artist."

"Shimmy" by Amine

"For when I need to feel like a bad b****. Bars go crazy."


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