Billy Blond is a glistening light through the darkest of times in his latest glimmering new track 'Without Warning'.

‘Without Warning’ is the stand-out track from Billy Blond’s new profound and intimate EP ‘Glow’.


The summer of 2019 has seen Billy Blond jump from milestone to milestone with an array of punching tracks that leave you craving for more. Still pretty new on the scene, Blond has already made a name for himself due to the sheer talent he possesses, and the emotive power he is able to evoke within his beautifully raw and significant lyricism.


What’s so refreshing about Blond is the way he effortlessly wavers between alt-pop beats and production that get under your feet to move them and the power within his vulnerability that strikes you in your very core. However, the message is clear with Billy Blond – keep on going, keep on chasing whatever it is that makes you feel human and always remember that the bad times are simply to make way for the good.


Blond’s ‘Glow’ EP is culturally significant as a body of work due to Billy’s frank ability to openly discuss his past traumas in a society that deems males ‘weak’ and ‘feminine’ for discussing their internal hardships. Blond is here to pave the way with an open discussion on hurt, and how beautiful things can grow from pain if dealt with correctly.


Each release from Billy Blond sees a layer revealed from the singer, and we love what we are getting to see. Until more is revealed, be prepared to have ‘Without Warning’ on loop below.