Rising Californian star Elijah James blesses us today with the release of his smooth and genre-bending new track 'WYM'.

Hailing from Pasadena, California – there’s something unique in the air as Elijah James appears to come from another life with his nostalgic new track ‘WYM’.


James is a storyteller at heart, and ‘WYM’ is the perfect entryway into hearing what this rising star is all about. Taking inspiration and references from his own life and hardships, James channels it all into his craftsmanship when it comes to songwriting. Emotive, raw and vulnerable – James is a new classic in the making.


‘WYM’ is ultimately a track about unrequited love (something we have all been through before, and probably will continue to go through because that’s life), in a package that is reminiscent of James Blake, Lauryn Hill and Kanye West. What more could you want?


Speak on the track, Elijah James revealed, “It’s something I felt a lot of people could relate to but sometimes it’s hard to admit experiencing something like that, especially as a man. Music can be an easy outlet to express emotions you wouldn’t otherwise be able to express on a social level, so mirroring that experience is something I really wanted to accomplish with this record.”


Dive into the premiere of ‘WYM’ and be prepared to get in your feelings – you won’t regret it.