The master of dreamy electro-pop, ADAL & Maddox Jones, is back with his latest creation 'Youth'!

Instantaneously, ‘Youth’ by ADAL is a certified anthem with it’s dreamy and synth-pop soundscape, which is becoming a trademark for ADAL.


ADAL wrote the track with longtime friend Maddox Jones and bought in the soulful, yet future pop vocals from James Hopcutt. With the themes of honesty and vulnerability running through all of ADAL’s work, it’s truly a breath of fresh air within the electro-pop world.


Speaking on the latest track, ADAL revealed, “In this swipe right culture, committing yourself to someone fully to for your entire youth is the ultimate commitment.  Youth is about exploring the fragility of committing to someone during that time and the wild and unruly decisions you make together.”


Dive into the stunning first look of the track below!