The Long Beach trio, Younger Hunger, are back and hellbent on causing mayhem with the adrenaline-filled and pop-renaissance fuelled track 'YUNG'.

Refusing to be confined in a musical box of any sort is the bright young things straight outta the West Coast.


Their latest anarchical track, ‘YUNG”, is a pop riot for the track generation as the boys run around California and are content with the freedom of their youth. Megaphone in hand. Young Hunger are at the intersection of causing hell and wanting to show everyone heaven.


The ethos of the band is to never make the same song twice, so ever track comes with a sense of excitement as you don’t know what’s around the corner. The band will tell you their joint interests are in drinking margaritas, playing Nintendo 64 & dreaming of “destroying the world” together is a good snapshot to seeing the perfect contradiction they present us with. Could they get any better?


Speaking on the track, the band revealed, “YUNG is me trying to capture my omnipresent paranoia in a song. It started with the title. Something about the aesthetic of the word YUNG — the boldness of it. But as the lyrics started coming, it became clear it stood for a much larger idea. YUNG asks the question: What does it feel like to be young in 2020? This track is our answer.”


After garnering over 2 million likes on TikTok, be prepared to see and hear a lot more of these boys. For now, dive into the premiere of ‘YUNG’ below!