Relatable hit-maker Oscar Scheller takes Notion on a day in the life in LA: from hanging out with puppies to making music in the studio, and hitting the outdoor cinema.

Oscar Scheller is a singer, songwriter and producer becoming the go-to for a new generation of breakout acts shaping the sound of 2022 and beyond. Growing up in London and starting piano at the age of six, his music career began from his bedroom after graduating from art school. Since then, Scheller has gone from strength to strength, writing and producing bop after bop. His list of collaborators is ever-growing, including the likes of Mabel, Tkay Maidza, Biig Piig, Matilda Mann and spill tab.


Oscar’s latest collab is a link-up with Detroit musician chloe moriondo for a new single: “Hard Being Alive”. The track sees Scheller and moriondo drop a catchy beat underpinned by themes of adversity. Scheller tells the story of the tune’s inception: “I wrote it during a particularly claustrophobic and dismal period in London. I honestly forgot about it. Fast forward onto an LA trip, chloe moriondo and I had just left a session with A.G Cook and I accidentally airdropped the demo to Chloe’s phone when I was trying to play another song in the car. A month later she messaged me the song saying she was obsessed with it and sent me a voicenoted acoustic rendition. I messaged back saying “you wanna do a verse?” and she made the song a million times better!!”


To celebrate his new single, Oscar took Notion along for a dreamy day in sunny LA: hanging out with puppies, eating ribs and getting back into the studio.

Morning cuddles with my friend Blue's puppies Dijon and Moobi. A little synth jam too ;)
Little bit of catching rays and reading on the balcony. Duchamp is one of my heroes.
Breakfast Burritos with my boy Luca, a morning tradition in our neighbourhood.
Quick dip in the pool cause why not? Stunting is my favourite kind of exercise.
Went for a hike with my friend Mackenzie (Makk Mikkael). Looked to my right I could see the Hollywood Sign. This is all so crazy! Everybody here's so famous!!
Studio time! I think I need a bit more space for my laptop, don't you? The man in front was helping me track live drums!
What's a day without a smoothie I ask you!? This place in Los Feliz makes the best ones in town. Go to order is '2nd Date'
Car spotting is a secret love of mine. Look at this baby! Chevrolet Impala 1974. When I grow up I wanna drive a vintage car.
Dinner cooked by friends. Rai (RAISSA) digging into some ribs here.
Pulp Fiction at the outdoor cinema. This is my absolute favourite thing to do in LA! They only show cult classics and you bring your own food, drinks and blankets.
Late night session. Shygirl, Sega Bodega and Cosha somehow all squeezed into my bedroom. Technically it's all bedroom pop. Lighting is key here. Shy has taught me many things but good lighting was the first!

Stream Oscar Scheller's latest release below:

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