“Go”, the latest release for Oscar, is the pop-perfect ode to lost love.

Oscar Scheller’s musical prowess is inherent; his parents, who both work in creative industries, met in a squat and formed the new wave band, The Regents (17), before creating the cult acid act Funtopia. If Schellers own musical output is anything to go by, it’s evident that he’s soaked up all of his parents musical DNA. Aside from already releasing a critically acclaimed album, he’s been working with the likes of Lily Allen, Mabel and MNEK on production, offering up the bouncy beats on their latest releases.

“Go” is very much Schellers own. An ode to lost love, the track yearns over a former relationship. “I really wish we never let go” he sings over a moody, stripped back electro-pop beat. The track particularly focuses on those moments when you’re wondering what your ex is up to (let’s face it, we’ve all been there). There’s an underlying feeling of melancholy, layered over a beat that makes you want to sway. It’s evidence to that fact that Scheller has well and truly come into his own, and is destined for a full-scale musical domination. “What we forget is that time is a real charmer and paints a much better picture of what you had. This song is that romantic daydream just before you drift off to sleep wondering what could have been, and if they’re wondering it too – ‘Do you think of me at night when you’re making a tea,’” he says of the track.

Teasing what’s to come, Oscar promises that we’ll be hearing much more of his ‘personal pop’ in the not-too-distant future.

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