Colorado’s indie folk sweetheart, Noah Solt, embarks on a love-filled journey in his latest track, ‘After All’.

When it felt like music was at its end for guitarist and songwriter, Noah Solt, it was in fact only the beginning. Skilfully blending his passion for music with his newfound path as a sailor, Solt uses his oceanic adventures as inspiration for his musical artistry. To him, it’s the perfect union, serving as the driving force behind his upcoming debut album ‘Big Water’. A glimpse into what lies ahead on his forthcoming album can be seen in his newest single, ‘After All’, an insight into the boy genius’s journey of self-reflection and hope.


Raised amidst the landlocked splendour of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Solt’s secluded surroundings ignited his passion for exploring the untamed wonders of the natural world. At the tender age of 14, he embarked on a self-guided journey to master the guitar using YouTube tutorials as his guiding light. The instrument swiftly evolved into his anchor in life, providing unwavering stability to his choppy route on the ocean. Although drawing inspiration from the ocean’s boundless expanse and unrestrained power in his previous single ‘Spheres’, his latest creation, ‘After All’ is centred on all things love.


Solt delves into the emotions he experienced after relocating to Boston during his college years to attend Berklee College of Music— an endeavour cut short due to the pandemic.


The heartfelt acoustic guitar melody carries lyricism steeped in emotion, reflecting Solt’s encounters with heartbreak and solitude upon his arrival in the new city. Lyrics like “Northern winds blow, cold across New England” are sung with warmth and familiarity. Further passion intensifies as the track unfolds, with delicate violin strings softly played into the song’s crescendo, creating a perfect conclusion to a composition brimming with heartfelt emotion and profound sentiment.


“After listening to this song, I hope the audience will walk away believing love is in the giving,” Solt shares. “It’s our choice whether we allow it through us or hide it away in the fear that we’ll lose it.”

Listen to 'After All' now:


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