Noah Solt is making waves with his debut album, Big Water: a testament to his ability to transform life’s complexities into a cohesive experience.

Indie folk songwriter Noah Solt’s debut album, Big Water, is set to release on June 26th via Starita Records. Noah Solt’s release strategy, unveiling each of the album’s six tracks as singles over the past ten months, has been as unique as his sound. Tracks like ‘Spheres’ and ‘After All’ have already garnered acclaim online with Noah Solt’s innovative rollout earned him over 2.8M followers. He continues to build a devoted audience, eager to experience the album in its entirety.


Recorded at the historic FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, each track was meticulously produced by Grammy-recognised producer Starita. The collaboration with FAME’s studio band, The Slow Burners, added rich textures to Noah Solt’s vivid compositions. The opening track, ‘Spheres,’ stands as the album’s emotional core, encouraging authenticity and introspection. With its deep groove and lush soundscapes, ‘Spheres’ sets the tone for the album’s exploration of human experience. Songs like ‘After All’ and ‘The Fold’ highlight his versatility, blending acoustic pop with Americana influences. ‘Ever Been’ and ‘Dawn’ delve into themes of heartache and resilience, while the title track captures the profound beauty and solitude of the ocean.


Big Water is a sonic exploration, using atmospheric soundscapes and reflective lyrics to draw listeners into a profound conversation about life’s transitions. Inspired by the ocean and the symbolic power of the sunrise, Noah’s music invites listeners to embrace a dichotomy of joy and pain. Raised in the Colorado Rockies and later honing his craft at Berklee College of Music, his musical journey took an unexpected turn when he left school in 2020 to become a professional sailor. This maritime experience profoundly influenced his latest album, Big Water, with its themes of navigating the unknown and finding connection amid vastness.


Noah’s debut album is a testament to his ability to transform life’s complexities into a cohesive, immersive musical experience. Big Water is more than just an album; it’s an oceanic journey, inviting listeners to navigate their own paths with courage and wonder.

Listen to Big Water now:


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