Colorado breakthrough artist Noah Solt journeys through the ocean's ebbs and flows in his latest track, ‘Big Water’.

As Noah Solt journeyed through the ocean—during his stint as a professional sailor—he found himself waking at midnight for a slew of impromptu writing sessions. Crafting lyrics based on the ocean’s vastness and sheer brawn, it was the waves that became Noah’s guiding force, a main inspiration for all of his musical endeavours. In one of these sessions, he penned his latest track, ‘Big Water’, a single delving into the waves’ sway as he immerses listeners into the solitude of an endless open space of water.


Standing as the lead track to his upcoming album, Noah gives us a snippet of what’s in store with this release. Seeking light at the end of the tunnel, the track paradigmatically sees Noah turn gravity into something melodic, whisking listeners away to the tranquillity and serenity of an open sea.


With the acoustic guitar driving the rhythm, spellbinding crashing drums interplay, a mysterious allure is conjured up from the heavy texture within the production. Meshing rocks groove with his indie-folk flair, Noah’s calming vocals soothe the soundscape with ease as we are transported on one of his oceanic journeys with us at the helm, navigating the ocean’s boundless vivacity.


Speaking on the track, Noah concludes, Thematically, the song is closest to the main theme of the entire album and a personal favourite. It’s my attempt at recapturing the feeling of being out in the middle of an ocean.”

Listen to 'Big Water' now:


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