Gucci announced Alessandro Michele's departure this week after seven years as creative director and we rundown his most memorable moments.

All great things must come to an end. But is the fashion world ready for Alessandro Michele to leave Gucci? News of his exit came officially on Wednesday, just 24 hours after the rumour mill began speculating his departure. Michele joined the Italian luxury house in 2002 as an accessories designer and eventually succeeded Frida Giannini 13 years later as the brand’s creative director. 


Known for romanticising 70s glamour with maximalist designs, Alessandro Michele completely revolutionised Gucci’s aesthetic vision during his tenancy. Championing gender nonconformity, through the Gucci Mx line, he understood that the label’s image needed to represent modern times in lieu of being stuck in its traditional ways. Many fashion houses began to follow suit, but Michele’s ability to rejuvenate the past with contemporary flare gave Gucci an inherent head start. 


His seven-year reign will go down as one of high fashion’s success stories, so to celebrate, here’s some of Alessandro Michele’s most memorable moments. Ciao bella, Alessandro! 

Alessandro Michele revitalises Dapper Den’s Harlem atelier 

After being put out of business by Gucci in the early 90s, Alessandro Michele reopened Dapper Dan’s Harlem atelier in 2017. The brand later worked with the renowned designer and haberdasher on an official collection, celebrating Upper Manhattan youth culture with a range of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories.  

Gucci and Adidas embark on their collaborative relationship 

Teasing the fashion world throughout early 2022, Gucci and Adidas’s recent crossover has become one of the most successful of recent times. A long-time collector of Adidas’ Gazelle trainer, Alessandro Michele’s retro chic glamour became a catalyst for renovation, completely changing how we perceive the sportswear giant’s archives. Adi-gucci has rocked the bodies of many celebrities, from Julia Roberts to Harry Styles, thanks to its vibrant renditions of OG tracksuits and tennis gear.  

Alessandro Michele harks to the past with the Gucci Vault 

An experimental retail space, which references 90s concept stores like London’s Pineal Eye, the Gucci Vault embodies Alessandro Michele’s love of vintage fashion. Created out of a necessity to take from Gucci’s past to resurrect its future, the space has become a storage spot for “beautiful things”, says Michele, and in his tenure, it also collaborated with streetwear brands like London’s very own Palace Skateboards.  

Alessandro Michele and Jared Leto twin at the Met Gala 

Michele and Leto’s similar looks have been widely reported on since this year’s Met Gala. Why? Well, the dopplegängers turned up dressed in matching floral blazers, trousers, bow ties, shirts, clutch bags, sunglasses and facial hair, sending fans who streamed the event into a frenzy. Michele first tapped Leto for a Gucci fragrance advert in 2016 and the pair have continued to collaborate, including on a star-studded campaign that included Steve Lacy and Snoop Dogg. 

Gucci celebrate self-expression with Billie Eilish boxset 

To honour the release of Billie Eilish’s album ‘Happier Than Ever’, Alessandro Michele’s Gucci made an exclusive vinyl box set to expand the brand’s focus on self-expression. Using a prismatic cover, with 80s-inspired lettering, the collectable item included nail stickers and various other inserts.