august at night’s latest single, “all i ever had”, marks a new sonic era for the artist, embracing spacious soundscapes.

august at night has been making waves in the music industry since 2021, when blogs and global magazines a like picked up on a string of heavy-hitting singles. Fast forward to 2023 and the singer-songwriter is making music with more melancholy, captivating listeners through indie-tinged acoustic numbers. 


Returning to music in June this year, august at night is utilising a period of experimentation to follow a new trajectory. Ready to come into his own, the rising artist has proven his vocal versatility, bewitching listeners with a distinctive tone but a sonic far cry from the music he was making before. 


Our latest taste from this welcomed musical metamorphosis is “all i ever had”: a compelling single that will undoubtedly propel august at night to new heights. Refining himself and his sound, the track’s spacious soundscapes and ethereal synths are cloud-like, creating a fluffiness that plays into the melancholy. Centred around an acoustic guitar and idyllic melodies, the lyricism floats above this blissful state with a natural infectiousness, as we eagerly await his forthcoming project, ‘Collection 1’. 

Listen to “all i ever had” below:

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